Blogs Aggregator widget error if Blog Entry comes from the Global site


Blog post cannot be shown in the Blogs Aggregator widget if it comes from the Global site.

  1. Navigate to Global Site > Content & Data > Blogs
  2. Add a new Blog Entry (eg: Global)
  3. Go back to Liferay Site
  4. Go to Content & Data > Blogs
  5. Add a Blog Entry here as well (eg. Liferay)
  6. Navigate to the Home Page on Liferay Site
  7. Place a Blogs Aggregator widget on the page
  8. By default, both entries are shown
  9. Click "Liferay" and the Blog Entry will be shown
  10. Click "Global"

Result: Error: No suitable application found to display the blog entry.



  • Liferay DXP 7.2+



  • The Blogs Aggregator was designed to display Blog Entries in three different scopes: instance, organization or a specific group.
  • It does not include the Global scope, therefore, the current behavior is expected when trying to display Blog Entries from the Global site.
  • It is possible to achieve the desired functionality with the help of the Asset Publisher widget.


Additional Information

  • LPS-179302: opened so that Blogs Aggregator does not even show the Blog Entries from the Global site.
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