Can't enable Publications because of Staging


  • We want to turn on Publications on our site which seemingly doesn't use Staging, however, we get the error message saying: Staging is enabled for at least one site or asset library in the current virtual instance. Publications and staging cannot be used together.
  • We don't have Staging enabled on our current version of Liferay, however, we have used it in a previous version, then migrated it after disconnecting


  • Liferay DXP 7.3+


  • One of the reasons could be that Staging wasn't properly shut down before the migration, and staging-related entries have remained in the database, so it thinks Staging is still enabled. The site should also be marked Staged on the UI
  • This issue could happen if, for example, someone used remote staging and just deleted the Staging site, the Live site still could be considered as part of staging
  • You can check the liveGroupId column in your database's group_ table and see if there is a value other than 0, or if there is a mention of "staged" in the typeSettings column. Both would indicate if a site was involved in staging before
  • You can first try to disable it on the UI, however, you could get an error message:
    Error: The tunneling servlet shared secret is not set.
  • In this case please run the attached Groovy script in Control Panel -> Server Administration ->Script after adding the affected site's ID and the admin user's ID as well


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