Deploying a Portlet to Liferay 6.2 on Tomcat 8, causes listerner tags in Web.xml of portlet to change to Context-param tags


  • Deploying a portlet developed for Liferay 6.2 on Tomcat 7, on a Liferay 6.2 instance running on Tomcat 8 causes the portlet's web.xml file to reflect the following changes: 

    The web.xml before it is deployed had the following listener tags

<listener> <listener-class&gt;</listener-class&gt; </listener> <listener> <listener-class&gt;</listener-class&gt; </listener>
  • The listener tags are condensed into a single context-param tag shown below, after it is deployed:
<context-param> <param-name>portalListenerClasses</param-name> <param-value>,</param-value> </context-param>


  • Portal 6.2


  • This is caused by and is an expected behavior. 
  • As a workaround, editing the web.xml file of the portlet and restoring the listener tags to the prior syntax resolves the issue. 
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