Asset Publisher widget configuration saves by itself


  • The Asset Publisher widget configuration saves itself when changing the Asset Selection


  • Liferay Portal EE 6.2
  • Liferay DXP 7.0+


  •  This is the expected behavior of the Asset Publisher widget for the following sections:
    • Asset Selection Tab:
      • Asset Selection; Source/Scope (Dynamic selection)
      • Scope (Manual Selection)
      • Asset Entries selection (Manual Selection)
      • Sort Asset Entries selection (Manual Selection)

Additional Information

  • How to go back to the prior saved setup when cancelling no longer has any effect?

When configuring an Asset Selection "type" and hit the Save button, Liferay will save the configuration itself, as well. This means, if selecting a different Asset Selection "type", and would like to still use the previous configuration, simply selecting the "type" in question and Liferay will return the saved configuration for all the sections (e.g.: Scope, Source, Filter, Custom User Attributes, Ordering).

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