Values added at source in web content are not working properly


  • When the string '-' or any special character is written in the source code of web content, it should display the hyphen character or expected character on the display page
    • Current Behavior: The page is not displaying the hyphen character or any special characters as expected. Instead, it displays some other random characters. 
  • In some updates, values added at source at rich text are not saved when publishing directly


  • Liferay DXP 7.4


  • The observed behavior is a known concern of DXP updates.
  • Reason: As a WYSIWYG editor, the responsibility of transforming the input to the desired HTML is handled by CKEditor itself. The user should not use the editor in source mode for editing, that is a convenient feature and its intent was never to allow users to make changes by writing HTML. Once users save their changes from source mode or simply change back from source mode, the editor will modify the source to ensure the main feature of the editor. 
  • The workaround applies to web content: Users must be careful not to utilize character codes in the editor, but if they want, may use them if they switch back to normal view mode before publishing. 
  • This has been addressed via LPS-190984 and is included in Update 92. 
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