Restrict drag and drop for multiple images in blogs


  • Why is there no error or warning while selecting multiple images to upload via drag-and-drop functionality?
  • If it is not uploading multiple images, then it should not select multiple images in the first place, like what we have with the Select field in blogs.
  • Steps to reproduce:
    1) Start the DXP server 
    2) Navigate to DXP site> Content and Data> Blog> Add entry
    3) Use drag and drop to select multiple images and try to upload
    4) All the files are uploaded and one of them is shown


  • Liferay DXP [all versions]


  • The observed behvaior is expected behavior with drag-and-drop as the Item selector does not support multiple drag-and-drops.  
    • Also, this has more to do with the system, as this selection is made in the local OS file system.
  • However, Liferay has classified this as a usability bug, which is being investigated at LPS-194264. This LPS is currently under review at the time of publication.

Additional Information

  • Please submit a support ticket with the patch details attached if you require a hotfix or more information on this.
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