How to delete old audit events 'audit_auditevent' table in 7.2+.


  • I want to clean up the AUDIT_AUDITEVENT table in a 7.2+ instance, because the old data is taking up too much space. However, the API made after 7.2, and the previous methods of clearing the 'audit_auditevent'  table no longer work. 


  • DXP 7.2, DXP 7.3, DXP 7.4


  • Delete methods for 'AUDIT' have moved here.
  • If your objective is to clean out the audit table, you could alternatively truncate the table manually for a potentially faster process.
  • If your Audit table becomes full rather quickly, we also suggest evaluating whether you might want to disable auditing if it is not needed. If it is needed, it may also be possible to institute a regular purge process to delete records that are older than a given timeframe. 

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