How to test documentDownloaded and documentPreviewed events


  • How can we test and confirm that the documentDownloaded and DocumentPreviewed events are getting tracked by Analytics Cloud?


  • Analytics Cloud


    1. Upload a document to Documents and Media.
    2. Add a Documents and Media widget to a page displaying the uploaded document.
    3. Open the browser console > Network tab and filter by Fetch/XHR.
    4. Refresh the page and then click into the document.
    5. Look for a request starting with osbasahpublisher and observe that the documentPreviewed event has been triggered(see below for screen shot).
    6. Select the document through the checkbox > click on the Info button/icon > scroll down and click on the Download button.
    7. Look for a request starting with osbasahpublisher and observe that the documentDownloaded event has been triggered.
    8. From your Analytics workspace, navigate to Assets > Documents and Media and filter for "last 24 hours". Notice that the document now appears on the list.

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