Nested Application Widget Unavailable


  • I cannot add a Nested Application on a widget page.
  • The Nested Application widget is no longer available.

Steps to reproduce

  1. In a 2024.Q1.1 bundle, navigate to the Product Menu > Site Builder > Pages > + > Page.
  2. In the Basic Templates menu, select Widget Page and name it.
  3. Save the default configurations.
  4. Visit the page and navigate to the + icon in the top right
  5. A menu opens to the right, in the search bar, type “Nested Application”.

Actual Behavior: Nested Application is not returned as an option to add to the page.

Expected Behavior: Nested Application is available as an option to add to the page.



  • Liferay DXP Quarterly Release 2024.Q1.1



  • This is a known issue and can be resolved by request a hotfix built on LPD-24737.


Additional Information

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