Web Content structure field reference of single and multiple selection and select from list structures cannot be modified


  • I have an issue with the WC structure field reference. I create a structure with "Single Selection", Multiple Selection, or Select from list fields, and at the selections "Option", I edit the default field reference. I save the structure and create web content from it. Upon checking the source of the content, the field reference displays the default value.

Reproduction Steps:

1. Start DXP 7.4 with Q4.6
2. Go to Content & Data --> Web Content --> Structures and create a structure with a single selection field.
3. While creating the structure check the Option of the selection on the right panel and modify the Field Reference to "test" (it starts with Optionxxxxxx), then save.
4. Go to the web content tab and create web content from the structure.
5. Edit the web content, click on the kebab menu on the upper right, select "View Source", and check the XML.

Expected Result: The new reference field value should appear at the [CDATA[test]]

Actual Result: The reference field is showing the default value: [CDATA[Optionxxxxxxx]]



  • Liferay DXP 7.4 2024.Q1.5


  • This a known issue. A feature has been created to address it. https://liferay.atlassian.net/browse/LPD-1783. This feature is available from 2024.q1.6. Please upgrade to this Quarterly Release or request a hotfix.
  • If you have the fix pathced, to enable the feature,  please open the main menu on the upper right and go to Control Panel --> Configuration --> Instance Settings --> Content and Data --> Web Content, select the Web Content, scroll down, and tick the box for the option Display field name in structures UI and allow users to edit it.
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