Liferay IDE / Developer Studio support for Quarterly Releases


  • When importing a Quarterly Release workspace into Liferay Developer Studio 3.9.8:
    • Latest blade templates or Liferay versions will not be available for selection.
    • Contextual menus could be broken and this kind of errors could be raised:
      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid version "2024.q1.5": non-numeric "q1"
      	at org.osgi.framework.Version.parseInt(
      	at org.osgi.framework.Version.<init>(
      	at com.liferay.ide.core.workspace.LiferayWorkspaceUtil.getLiferayWorkspaceProjectVersion(


  • Liferay IDE / Liferay Developer Studio
  • Quarterly Releases


  • While you may still be able to use it, the latest Developer Studio (3.9.8) is not officially compatible with Quarterly Releases.
  • Any progress regarding Quarterly Release support for Developer Studio or other IDE tools like the intelliJ plugin, could be followed in LPD-17146
  • The recommended alternative is to use Blade outside of the IDE. OSGi modules or client extensions do not actually require a dedicated tool to be developed and blade will do the job by creating project templates or samples.

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