How to Disable CAPTCHA on Server Admin Pages


  • How do you disable CAPTCHA on pages?
  • Site Administration pages like the Gogo Shell now have a CAPTCHA verification.
  • How do you disable CAPTCHA on pages? Adding “-1” (Never Check), doesn’t work.
  • Previously, CAPTCHA could be “disabled” by navigating to Control Panel → Configuration → System Settings → Security Tools → CAPTCHA. Then setting the maximum challenges to “-1” (never check).


  • Liferay DXP 2024.Q1.7+


To further strengthen security and prevent unauthorized access to administrative controls, Liferay has made CAPTCHA verification mandatory for all omni-admin actions. Therefore, as of 2024.Q1.7, this is expected behavior.

This additional layer of protection provides sufficient Cross-Site Request Forgery attack protection for omni-admin actions.

In case you still want to disable captchas for these pages, add captcha.enforce.disabled=true to your file. You should only do this for testing with Continuous Integration (CI).

Breaking Changes:

  • Due to this security enhancement, the previously available option to disable CAPTCHA verification using the "-1" (Never Check) value is not applicable to administrative actions. 
  • If a CAPTCHA engine is not selected within your Liferay DXP configuration (i.e. the option is left on “Choose an Option”), Server Admin Pages will become inaccessible and display a "Temporarily Unavailable" message.

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