Unable to set the Target when configuring Navigation Menu Items


  • I can see in the Templates section for Navigation Menu items ${navItem.getTarget()}, but when creating a menu item there is no way to set this. 
  • I would like to set this so that one of my menu items would open in a new tab with 
    set in the UI.


  • DXP 7.2+


  • This feature is only available in Widget Pages, under the Advanced Settings for the webpage. This feature is not available for content pages until later versions of DXP 7.4. Once in a later version, the feature flag is enabled by default and is available in the General Section. Upgrading to a later version of 7.4 will give you access to this feature.
  • There is a workaround that can enable the target to be set in DXP 7.2+:
    • Add a special character to the title and then split the string. This will allow you to set the target. 


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