A blank SAML redirect screen is seen even with redirect message disabled


  • A blank intermediary page (showing "Please select your identity provider" title and
    URL) is being seen even with the hotfix installed (with fix LPS-172619) and the
    property set.
  • Even including hotfix with LPS-155687, LPS-168688, and LPS-172619 do not work to skip the redirect page.


  • DXP 7.3


  • This redirect page is expected behavior and the redirects are necessary for a proper SAML "handshake" to pass messages from SP to IdP, then back to SP.   Bypassing certain redirect pages can interfere with the SP to IdP “handshake”.
  • LPS-168688, LPS-172619 and LPS-155687 never promise to prevent a redirect page but can help adjust redirect seen by users.
    • LPS-168688 allows portals configured with just one IdP configured to automatically redirect to the IdP.
    • LPS-172619 allows the redirect message to be customized or removed (with the saml.idp.redirect.message.enabled portal property)
    • LPS-155687 ensures the SAML SSO can function with a non-root context path,

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