Knowledge Base Display Widget is Unresponsive


  • The portlet is unresponsive, even when I duplicate the page, the behavior is the same.
  • User is unable to interact with a widget, or update the configurations of the widget.
  • Knowledge Base Display widget does not move to a new article after one is selected in the dropdown menu.


  • 2023.Q4.3+


  • Errant characters within the JavaScript customization configuration of a page or Pages can interfere with a portlet/widget. Verify these boxes are either empty, or any custom code is error free.
  1. Go to Menu > Site Builder > Pages
    1. Open the Page Options Menu (three dots) for the page with the unresponsive widget.
    2. Select “Configure”
  2. Select “Design” in the top left menu
    1. Scroll down to the “Customization” header.
    2. Select the JavaScript tab, verify there is no errant text in this box and any customization is error free. (You’ll still see the Suggestion text “JavaScript” if you attempt to delete everything, but you won't be able to interact with that text).
    3. Save the changes.
  3. Return to Menu > Site Builder > Pages
    1. Click the Page Options Menu (three dots)
    2. Select “Configuration”.
    3. Scroll down to the “Customization” header.
    4. Navigate to the “Customization” header and select the JavaScript tab, repeat the steps from 2.2.
    5. Save the changes.
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