Custom portlets are not logging correctly with SLF4J


  • Custom plugins (portlets and hooks) are not properly logging with SLF4J implemented, with no log4j2 configurations changed from previous Liferay versions to 7.4 or Quarterly Release.


  • DXP 7.4
  • Quarterly Release lower than 2024.Q1.7


NOTE: The following resolution requires customization and should only be implemented at the discretion of your team. Liferay Support will not be able to assist with designing or implementing customizations.

  • Check your slf4j-api version.  If higher than 1.7.x, you may need to downgrade to resolve the issue.(Additionally, you can compare to a clean Liferay bundle at your patch version to verify whether logging is expected to work out-of-the-box for custom plugins.)

  • If on a Quarterly Release lower than 2024.Q1.7, please try upgrading to 2024.Q1.7 or consider requesting a hotfix with LPD-21711 fix through a Support ticket. 

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