Builds and Deployments


Your application must first go through a build phase before it can be deployed to an environment. This initial build phase is when DXP Cloud gets the Docker images, creates your container environment, and runs all tasks and build configurations specified in your image.

You can check your environment's build process by clicking the Builds tab on the top-right side of each environment page.


Figure 1: The builds tab lists the builds in your environment.


If your service builds without errors, then it can be deployed to an environment. Once triggered, this deployment process pushes the build to the registry and makes it available to your users. During the deployment phase, DXP Cloud runs health checks on your services. If these checks succeed, the deployment is healthy and ready.

To access the deployment page, go to your environment page and click the Deployments tab on the top-right side.


Figure 2: The builds tab lists the builds in your environment.

Deploying to Different Environment

When you deploy a build, it deploys by default to the same environment it was built in. To deploy it to a different environment, select Deploy Build to from the build's Actions button.

< p>Screen_Shot_2018-09-24_at_5.02.37_PM.png

Figure 3: You can also deploy builds to different environments.

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