Deprecated Items

In order to continually improve our product offering, Liferay may on occasion deprecate features and functionality in the Platform. Supporting unused or out-dated features negatively impacts the value we can provide for our customers with rising support costs as well as opportunity costs in new feature development. Features are typically updated because there are new and better ways of solving the particular problem the feature was designed for.

APIs, modules, features, products and applications which are created and released by Liferay may be marked as deprecated.

If a module, application, or product is marked as deprecated, there will be a release for the item marked as the final version.

If an API is marked as deprecated, the deprecation will be documented in the breaking changes documentation, official documentation, or javadocs for that version of the software. Major and minor releases can have API deprecations.

Deprecation should occur during major and minor releases of Liferay. A change in the first or second digits of consecutive Liferay releases indicates a major or minor release, respectively. For example, the release of Liferay Portal 6.0.0 after 5.2.0 was a major release; whereas the release of 6.2.0 after 6.1.30 was a minor release.

Deprecation should not occur between maintenance releases. Maintenance releases are signified by a change in the third digit of the release number. For example, the release of Liferay Portal 6.1.30 after 6.1.20 was a maintenance release and therefore should have no deprecations.

Customarily, items marked as deprecated in one version will remain, but be removed in a future version. In order to ensure the product is functioning as intended and to create a more secure product, an item may be deprecated and removed within the same version at the discretion of the product team.

Defining Support

With respect to deprecated items, Liferay Support Services offers:

  1. Guidance towards the alternative solution if one has been identified by the product team.
  2. Facilitating an interaction with the product team in order to identify an alternative solution.
  3. Identifying the root cause of an unintended behavior within a deprecated item.

Liferay will resolve unintended behavior within deprecated items on a case-by-case basis for the version in which the item was deprecated and future versions. For previous versions, deprecated items will receive support according to the product service life.

Breaking Changes

Java Docs

Deprecated or Removed Items

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