Load Balancer Service (Nginx)

The Nginx load balancer functions as a gateway from the open Internet to your DXP Cloud services. It handles all traffic from your users and acts as a high-performance load balancer and web server.


Figure 1: The load balancer service is one of several services available in DXP Cloud.


Although the stack of DXP Cloud services are fine-tuned to work well by default, you may need to configure Nginx further. To do this, you can include any CONF file inside the config folder. When you deploy your changes, the config file is automatically injected into your service and overwrites the default configuration. Here’s an example folder structure of such a file inside the config folder:

├── config
│ └── nginx.conf
└── wedeploy.json


You can use scripts for more extensive customizations. However, use caution when doing so. This is the most powerful way to customize the load balancer service and can cause undesired side effects.

Any .sh files found in the script folder are run prior to starting your service. For example, to include a script that removes all log files, you could place it in the following directory structure:

├── script
│ └── remove-log-files.sh
└── wedeploy.json
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