Before Opening an Accessibility Ticket

This article documents a short checklist of questions to ask and steps to take before opening a ticket related to Accessibility in Help Center. By taking a moment to go through this checklist before opening a Help Center request, you are ensuring the fastest possible resolution for the issue you may be experiencing.


For each ticket, please attach your file as well as the output of the patching-tool info command specific to the environment.

Then please read through this checklist and include the following information when you create a ticket:

  1. Please provide a summary of the accessibility issue (one issue per ticket) and the accessibility standard (WCAG 2.0 or 'Section 508') on which your findings are based.
  2. Please provide steps to reproduce the specific issue in a clean bundle of Liferay including a list of the tools (e.g. WAVE, achecker....) used to test for the actual behavior and the desired behavior.
  3. Please provide any relevant screenshots and/or accessibility reports.
  4. Please provide any custom portlets or themes used as well as any other resources used to add accessibility features.

Additional Information

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