The Beryl Customer Portal permits customers to take a hands-on approach to managing orders. Buyers can create, edit and submit orders, while order managers can choose to approve, reject or delete them.

Creating and Editing Orders

A buyer or order manager can place an order by selecting items from the Catalog tab, clicking on the Cart button at the top right, and then clicking Submit.

Alternatively, an order can be created from the Orders tab by clicking Add, entering an order number, and clicking Add Order. If more than one order is open, users can select the one they want by clicking the Options button next to the desired order and selecting Set as Current.


By enabling workflow, you can require that orders be approved by designated users before they are placed. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Site MenuCommerceSettings and click on the Order tab.

  2. To require that the order be approved before the checkout process can be completed, select Single Approver from the Approval Workflow drop-down.

    To require that the order be approved after the checkout process but before fulfillment, select Single Approver from the Transmission Workflow drop-down.

  3. Click Save.

By default, both workflows seek approval from Site administrators. To select order managers or other users to approve orders—or to otherwise customize the process—see Workflows for more detail.

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