When a customer places an order, it must be placed into a shipment. An order can be packaged as a single shipment or broken into multiple shipments (support for combining multiple orders into a single shipment will be added at a later date).

To view open shipments, go to Site MenuCommerceShipments. To create a new shipment, follow these steps.

  1. Click Add.

  2. Select an order number from the drop-down. Only orders with products that haven’t been placed in a shipment are displayed. Click Save.

  3. A list of all the products in the selected order appears. Choose any or all to include in this shipment. Click Save.

  4. Enter a carrier name and a tracking number if applicable. Set the shipment’s status. Enter an estimated shipping date and delivery date, and click Save.

To split an order into multiple shipments, repeat the above process, selecting the same order in step 2. Of course, you don’t have this option if you selected all of the order’s products in step 3 the first time through.

You can return to a shipment at a later time to add or remove products or to update its status:

  1. Go to SiteCommerceShipments and select a shipment from the list.

  2. To update a shipment’s status, make a selection from the Status drop-down and click Save.

  3. To add or remove products from the shipment, click on the Items tab. To add products, click Add, choose products from the list that appears, and click Save. To remove a product, click optionsDelete.

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