Beginning iOS Development for Your Portal

Getting started with Liferay Screens for iOS is straightforward. This series of Learning Path articles walks you through creating an iOS app and preparing it to work with the Guestbook portlet developed in the Developing a Web Application Learning Path. Since Liferay Screens uses the Liferay Mobile SDK to make remote service calls, you’ll build a Mobile SDK capable of calling the Guestbook portlet’s remote services (the Guestbook Mobile SDK). You’ll then install this Mobile SDK and Screens into your iOS project. You’ll also learn about the iOS app’s design and implement authentication with Login Screenlet.

This section of the Learning Path covers these topics:

  1. Setting up the Guestbook portlet
  2. Building the Guestbook Mobile SDK
  3. Creating the iOS project
  4. Installing the Guestbook Mobile SDK and Liferay Screens in the iOS project
  5. Designing Your App
  6. Using Login Screenlet for Authentication
  7. Creating the Guestbooks Scene

When you finish, you’ll be ready to start developing your first Screenlet.

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