Applying Lexicon Styles to your App

It’s important to have a consistent user experience across your apps. Liferay DXP’s built-in apps achieve this through Liferay’s Lexicon Experience Language and its web implementation, Lexicon.

Lexicon provides a consistent, user-friendly UI for Liferay DXP apps, and is included in all themes that are based on the _styled base theme, making all the components documented on the Lexicon site accessible.

This means you can use Lexicon markup and components in your Liferay DXP apps. These tutorials explain how to apply Lexicon’s design patterns to achieve the same look and feel as Liferay DXP’s built-in apps.

The tutorials in this section cover the following topics:

  • Configuring your portlet title and back link
  • Applying Lexicon patterns to your forms, navigation, and more
  • Using the Add Button pattern
  • Implementing the Management Bar
  • Configuring your admin app’s actions menu
  • Setting search container animations
  • Using Lexicon icons in your app
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