In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use and edit the file. You’ll also learn about the properties included in this file and how to set them to fit your needs.

Service Builder generates a file in your *-service module’s src/main/resources folder. Liferay DXP uses the properties in this file to alter your service’s database schema. You should not modify this file, but rather make any necessary overrides in a file in that same folder.

Here are some of the properties included in the file:

  • build.namespace: This is the namespace you defined in your service.xml. Liferay distinguishes different plugins from each other using their namespaces.
  • build.number: Liferay distinguishes different builds of your plugin. Each time a distinct build of your plugin is deployed to Liferay, Liferay increments this number.
  • This is the time of the latest build of your plugin.
  • include-and-override: The default value of this property defines as an override file for

Awesome! You now have all the tools necessary to set up your own file.

What is Service Builder?

Creating Local Services

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