Introduction to Liferay Forms

Many modern websites rely on forms for their functionality. Liferay’s Forms application is maturing rapidly, offering rich out-of-the-box functionality. Many use cases, from the simplest to the most complex, can be met using the Forms application as it is. However, why not make the application behave exactly as you’d like it to? Just because something is good, doesn’t mean it’s perfect for your specific use case. Liferay’s Forms solution can be adapted to your specific needs. You can even develop forms using its API.

In this section, learn to extend the Forms application’s functionality and leverage its APIs.

  • Build your own field types for Liferay’s Forms application.
    • Create field types that look just like the built-in field types (both their source code and their UI appearance).
    • Add custom configuration options to your form field types.
  • Use annotations to leverage the Dynamic Data Mapping (DDM) API and build reusable forms quickly.
    • Create forms using annotations.
    • Create fields and reusable fieldsets using annotations.
    • Configure form rules using annotations.
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