Spring MVC Portlet

The Spring MVC portlet provides a way to add various different fields into the database and display them in a table. This project is a Spring MVC based portlet WAR that implements the same functionality as the apps/service-builder/basic-web sample project. It manages JSP pages for display, uses a Spring-annotated portlet class, and invokes the apps/service-builder/basic-api module to call services.

Figure 1: Click Add and fill out the sample fields to generate a custom entry in the portlets table.

Figure 1: Click *Add* and fill out the sample fields to generate a custom entry in the portlet's table.

Unlike the service-builder/basic-web module, Spring MVC portlets must be delivered as portlet WAR projects. This project builds to a WAR file but leverages all of the Liferay Workspace tools and Gradle to build the WAR. You must build and deploy the service-builder/basic-api and service-builder/basic-service modules for this sample to work properly. For more information on using Spring MVC portlets in Liferay DXP, visit the Spring MVC tutorial.

What API(s) and/or code components does this sample highlight?

This sample demonstrates a Liferay DXP portlet built using the Spring Web MVC framework.

How does this sample leverage the API(s) and/or code component?

You can easily modify this sample by customizing its SpringMVCPortletViewController Java class or any of its JSPs stored in the src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/jsp folder. For more information on customizing this sample, see the Javadoc listed in this sample’s SpringMVCPortletViewController Java class.

Where Is This Sample?

There are three different versions of this sample, each built with a different build tool:

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