Liferay Faces Version Scheme

In this article, you’ll learn which Liferay Faces artifacts should be used with your portlet and explore the Liferay Faces versioning scheme by discovering what each component of a version means. Once you have the versioning scheme mastered, you can view several example configurations.

Using The Liferay Faces Archetype Portlet

The Liferay Faces Archetype portlet can be used to determine the Liferay Faces artifacts and versions that you must include in your portlet. Select your preferred Liferay Portal version, JSF version, component suite (optional), and build tool, and the portlet will provide you with both a command to generate your portlet from a Maven archetype and a list of dependencies that can be copied into your build files. In the next section, you’ll be provided with compatibility information about each version of the Liferay Faces artifacts.

Liferay Faces Alloy

Provides a suite of JSF components that utilize AlloyUI.

BranchExample ArtifactAlloyUIJSF APIAdditional Info
master (3.x)com.liferay.faces.alloy-3.0.1.jar3.0.x2.2+AlloyUI 3.0.x is the version that comes bundled with Liferay Portal 7.0+.
2.xcom.liferay.faces.alloy-2.0.1.jar2.0.x2.1+AlloyUI 2.0.x is the version that comes bundled with Liferay Portal 6.2.
1.xcom.liferay.faces.alloy-1.0.1.jar2.0.x1.2AlloyUI 2.0.x is the version that comes bundled with Liferay Portal 6.2.

Liferay Faces Bridge

Provides the ability to deploy JSF web applications as portlets within Apache Pluto, the reference implementation for JSR 286 (Portlet 2.0) and JSR 362 (Portlet 3.0).

BranchExample ArtifactsPortlet APIJSF APIJCP SpecificationAdditional Info
API: 5.x
IMPL: 5.x
3.02.2JSR 378The Expert Group began work in September 2015 and the Specification is currently under development.
API: 4.x
IMPL: 4.x
2.02.2JSR 329Includes non-standard bridge extensions for JSF 2.2.
API: 3.x
IMPL: 3.x
2.02.1JSR 329Includes non-standard bridge extensions for JSF 2.1.
API: 2.x
IMPL: 2.x
2.01.2JSR 329 (MR1)Includes support for Maintenance Release 1 (MR1).
1.xN/A1.01.2JSR 301N/A (Not Applicable) since Liferay Faces Bridge has never implemented JSR 301.

Liferay Faces Bridge Ext

Extension to Liferay Faces Bridge that provides compatibility with Liferay Portal and also takes advantage of Liferay-specific features such as friendly URLs.

BranchExample Artifact  Liferay Portal API    Bridge API    Portlet API  JSF API

Liferay Faces Portal

Provides a suite of JSF components that are based on the JSP tags provided by Liferay Portal.

BranchExample ArtifactLiferay Portal API    JSF API

Liferay Faces Util

Library that contains general purpose JSF utilities to support many of the sub-projects that comprise Liferay Faces.

BranchExample Artifact  JSF API

Now that you know all about the Liferay Faces versioning scheme, you may be curious as to how these components interact with each other. Refer to the following figure to view the Liferay Faces dependency diagram.

Figure 1: The Liferay Faces dependency diagram helps visualize how components interact and depend on each other.

Figure 1: The Liferay Faces dependency diagram helps visualize how components interact and depend on each other.

Next, you can view some example configurations to see the new versioning scheme in action.

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