Using Multiple Languages for Staging

This article outlines a practical suggestion for avoiding issues when using multiple languages in a site along with the Liferay platform’s staging feature. Following this suggestion will help prevent future staging publication failures. 


When utilizing multiple languages within a site, make sure to:

  1. Only use languages that have been defined within the site
    1. Errors may arise when the portal encounters content with a locale that is not defined on the site.
    2. e.g. If English and Spanish are the defined languages, and you’d like to remove English, make sure to remove all content in English.
      1. Even “small changes” Iike from en_US to en_GB will cause this issue so be careful with the web content that you use on the portal.
  2. Only use those languages for sites and content that are defined for the whole portal as well
    1. e.g. There should not be a site that utilizes Chinese when the only languages defined for the portal are English and Spanish.
  3. Set and use exactly the same languages between the live and staged site. If there are discrepancies between the languages in the two sites, the publish may fail.
    1. Even if you don't use every language in your site content, the publish process won't start if your live site has more or less languages available.
    2. e.g. It is a common oversight when the staging portal uses the default language locales and only the live portal was configured to use only the needed ones.
    3. Ensure that the staged site and live portal use the exact same languages.

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