Known Issue: LCS Was Not Able to Locate a Valid Subscription for Your Account

Liferay Connected Services has been deprecated as of July 1st, 2021. Customers should migrate off of LCS by December 1st, 2021. Please read the Changes to Liferay Product Activation announcement to learn more.

This article lists several scenarios in which Liferay Connected Services (LCS) is unable to locate a valid subscription for your account. 


This error appears in the server startup browser page after the Liferay server successfully connects to the LCS platform, and when the subscription type stored in the activation token cannot accommodate the current server.

Listed below are some possible scenarios when this error might appear: 

  • The server count is exceeded for your particular subscription
  • The subscription for which the token was generated is expired
  • The number of processor cores allowed is more than specified in the instance size of the subscription type

This error message usually comes together with this kind of log messages:

[liferay/hot_deploy-1][LCSHotDeployMessageListener:145] com.liferay.petra.json.web.service.client.JSONWebServiceInvocationException: {errorCode: 1, increment: true, lcsProjectId: 146002, processorCoresTotal: 4, type: 'PRODUCTION'}, 
WARN  [liferay/hot_deploy-1][LCSHotDeployMessageListener:165] You cannot register this server with Liferay Connected Services. You have exceeded your subscription's number of servers or cores. Please contact your sales representative if this is incorrect.
INFO  [liferay/hot_deploy-1][LCSHotDeployMessageListener:187] LCS portlet is not connected

By comparing the information in the error message with your subscription information you can identify what is the mismatch. In order to view your project's current subscription, please navigate to the project's page on and click on Subscriptions in the top left menu.


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