Introduction to Leveraging the Liferay Marketplace

Liferay Marketplace is an exciting new hub for sharing, browsing and downloading Liferay-compatible applications. As enterprises look for ways to build and enhance their existing platforms, developers and software vendors are searching for new avenues to reach this market. Marketplace leverages the entire Liferay ecosystem to release and share apps in a user-friendly, one-stop site.

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Users, Companies, and Apps

  • Accessing Liferay Marketplace

  • Finding, Downloading, and Installing Apps

  • Managing Apps

  • Plugins and Plugin Management

  • Portlets, Themes, Layout Templates, Hooks, and Web Plugins

  • Installing Plugins from Repositories

  • Installing Plugins Manually

  • Plugin Troubleshooting and Configuration Issues

In a nutshell, the Liferay Marketplace is a repository for applications built on the Liferay Platform. You can find and download applications directly from the Marketplace on the web or use an existing Liferay installation to access and install applications onto the running Liferay web site. Once installed, you can manage the applications through Liferay’s control panel.

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