Manual Configuration

You don’t have to use the setup wizard to configure Liferay. The setup wizard behind the scenes creates a configuration file that you can create manually. Create a text file called in your Liferay Home folder. This file overrides default properties that come with Liferay. The first setting you’ll override is the default configuration that points Liferay to the embedded HSQL database.

As stated above, there are two ways to set up the connection:

  • Use the built-in connection pool.

  • Use your application server’s connection pool.

Use the setup wizard if you’re using the built-in connection pool. If you want to use your application server’s pool, continue with this procedure.

If you want to use your application server’s connection pool, you will have to create one in your application server that points to your database. It should be called jdbc/LiferayPool. To cause Liferay to use this connection pool, add the following directive to your file:

Next, install Liferay according to the instructions for your application server. Once it’s installed, you can set up the mail configuration.

For mail, you can use Liferay’s control panel to create the configuration and this is the recommended way. Go to Control Panel → Server Administration → Mail and enter your settings for your mail session settings. If, however, you’re setting up a lot of Liferay machines and they’re all going to have similar mail configurations, it’s easier to do the configuration once and then copy the configuration file to multiple machines. In this case, you’ll want to use the file. To use the built-in mail session, use the following properties and customize their values for your environment:

To use your application server’s mail session, create it first. Then specify it in the file:

When you’ve finished, save the file.

Next, follow the instructions for installing Liferay on your particular application server in the section below.

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