Arquillian Extension for Liferay Example

Arquillian is an extensible Java testing platform that’s designed to make integration testing easy. Arquillian manages the lifecycle of setting up, starting, or connecting to a container (e.g., Tomcat), packaging your test cases and any dependent classes or resources, deploying them to the container, running the tests in the container, and capturing and reporting the results. The Arquillian Extension for Liferay is a set of tools designed to help developers test their Liferay plugins.

The Arquillian Blade Example project demonstrates performing integration and functional tests using the Arquillian Liferay Extension. Additionally it measures code coverage using JaCoCo. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how the Arquillian Liferay Extension and JaCoCo work. You can download the Arquillian Blade Example project here or access its latest code on GitHub.

Here are the tutorial sections:

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