Introduction to Customizable Web Applications

One of the great strengths of Liferay DXP is the sheer number of out of the box applications. This gives it great flexibility in what it can do, which is why Liferay DXP is used to run many different kinds of websites around the world. For example, if you want users to add Blog posts, you can configure the Blogs portlet to handle those requests.

But really, that’s technology from the last decade. What if you could define a particular function that users might want to perform and let Liferay DXP choose an available installed app to perform that function? That way, if users want to Blog, and you’ve installed your own custom-developed app for blogging instead of Liferay’s, the Liferay DXP instance can just use yours instead?

With Liferay DXP 7, you can do just that. You can request an app based on an entity and action type. Processing the entity type and action, Liferay uses an available portlet that can handle the request. This increases the flexibility and modularity of using portlets in Liferay DXP.

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