Using the Simple File System Store

The simple file storage implementation is the default store. It uses a local folder to store files. You can use the file system for your clustered configuration, but the folder you’re pointing to must be shared by all nodes and handle concurrent requests and file locking. For this reason, you need to use a Storage Area Network or a clustered file system.

The file system store was the first store created and is heavily bound to the Liferay DXP database. By default, documents are stored in a document_library subfolder of the data folder. Of course, you can change this path to anything you want in System Settings.

The Simple File System store uses this folder path format for storing documents:


The first folder name is the site’s company ID. The second folder name is the Documents and Media folder’s ID where the document resides. The third folder name is the document’s numeric file entry name. Finally, the fourth name is a version number used for storing multiple versions of the document.

The Simple File System Store binds documents very closely to Liferay DXP, and may not be exactly what you want. If you’ve been using the default settings for a while and must migrate your documents, there’s a migration utility in the Control Panel in Server AdministrationData Migration. The utility facilitates moving documents from one store implementation to another.

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