Introduction to Service Builder and Services

For an introduction to Liferay’s Service Builder tool, please refer to the Writing a Data-Driven Application learning path. This learning path demonstrates how to create easy-to-maintain data-driven applications that use Service Builder to generate locally accessible services. Locally accessible services can be invoked by other Liferay applications running on the same Liferay instance as your application. To learn how to use Service Builder to generate remotely accessible services for your application, please refer to the Creating Web Services for Your Application learning path. Remotely accessible services can be invoked from any application that can access your Liferay instance (e.g., over the internet) and has permission to do so. If, for example, you want mobile application developers to be able to create clients that can interact with your application, you should generate remote services for your application. This section’s tutorials build on the basics covered in the learning paths. They provide more details on Service Builder’s features, the code it generates, and Liferay services.

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