Third Party Packages Portal Exports

The com.liferay.portal.bootstrap module exports many third party Java packages that can cause problems if used improperly. If your WAR’s Gradle file, for example, uses the compile scope for a dependency that Liferay’s OSGi runtime already provides, the dependency JAR is included in the WAR’s WEB-INF/lib and deployed in the resulting WAB, and two versions of dependency classes wind up on the classpath. This can cause weird errors that are hard to debug.

To find a list of the packages exported by com.liferay.portal.bootstrap, go to the source file modules/core/portal-bootstrap/system.packages.extra.bnd. If you don’t have access to the source code, the same list (in a less user-friendly format) is in the META-INF/ file in [LIFERAY_HOME]/osgi/core/com.liferay.portal.bootstrap.jar. These packages are installed and available in Liferay’s OSGi runtime. If your module or WAR uses one of them, specify the corresponding dependency as being “provided” (provided by Liferay DXP). Here’s how to specify a provided dependency:

Maven: <scope>provided</scope>

Gradle: providedCompile

Now you can safely leverage third party packages Liferay DXP provides!

Resolving a Plugin’s Dependencies

Configuring Dependencies

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