Deployment Helper Plugin

The Deployment Helper plugin lets you create a cluster deployable WAR from your OSGi artifacts.


To use the plugin, include it in your project’s root pom.xml file:


You can view an example POM containing the Deployment Helper configuration here.


The plugin adds one Maven goal to your project:

deployment-helper:buildBuilds a WAR which contains one or more files that are copied once the WAR is deployed.

Available Parameters

You can set the following parameters in the <configuration> section of the POM:

Parameter NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
deploymentFileNamesStringnullThe files or directories to include in the WAR and copy once the WAR is deployed. If a directory is added to this collection, all the JAR files contained in the directory are included in the WAR.
deploymentPathStringnullThe directory to which the included files are copied.
outputFileNameStringnullThe WAR file to build.
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