No Logs in Elasticsearch

This article documents a known issue with Elasticsearch operating mode when switching from REMOTE to EMBEDDED operation. Any changes in configuration do not take effect unless the elasticsearch module is restarted on the server. Also, when going from default EMBEDDED to REMOTE configurations do not seemingly get used until the elasticsearch module is restarted in gogo shell.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Start up server with normal configs for Elasticsearch.
  2. Go to System Settings -> Foundation -> Elasticsearch
  3. Configure REMOTE connection and save.

Expected Result: The log file for remote Elasticsearch has evidence of use, reindecing, searching, etc.
Actual Result: No logs exists.

Important Note: Never use EMBEDDED mode in Production.


Status: Workaround available

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  1.  Log in to Gogo shell
  2.  Restart Elasticsearch module

Remote ES log now should have signs of it operating.

Additional Information

See LPS-65459 for more information and the latest status on the issue.

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