Help Center Project Details

The Project Details page is where you will find all information related to your Liferay Subscription. This can be accessed by going to the mega menu, and clicking on “Project Details” on the right hand side of the menu.


The overview page will show you details regarding your environments associated with your Liferay Subscription.


You will be able to update your server details as well as upload portal-ext and patching tool files. All information here will be used by the Customer Support Engineer when assisting you on a Support ticket, so it is important to have this information updated on a regular basis.

Team Member contact information will also be located here. You will be able to have on hand who is associated with the account. If any updates need to be made, please submit a support ticket so that a member of the Liferay Support team can assist you. The component for this request is “Activation Key & Project Administration.”


Lastly, the Liferay Contacts tab will list who your Sales Representative is as well as any other Liferay contacts your organization may be working with.

If you have any questions regarding your Liferay Subscription, you can find the contact information here.

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