How to Navigate the Liferay Help Center

The Liferay Help Center is our new site for all things related to our Liferay Customers. You’ll be able to find documentation for specific products, simpler navigation and so much more to enhance your experience with your Liferay subscription.

You can access the Help Center by going to

At the top right of the page is where you will be logging in with your Liferay credentials. You can continue to use the same username and password as you are currently using for the Customer Portal. If you have not yet created an account, please do so and you will be receiving an email as part of the 2-step verification to confirm your account.


After logging in, there is a search bar front and center of the page. This is to provide easy access to the user when looking for specific documentation or Knowledge Base articles right away.


The mega menu at the top of the page is where subscribers will be able to find information and resources for your specific Liferay product.

Under Products, all of the Liferay products are listed including DXP, Analytics Cloud and Commerce. Having all products listed in one location provides ease of accessibility.


Resources is where you will be able to locate the Knowledge Base articles as well as official documentation to assist with any questions that may arise regarding your Liferay product. Downloads will also be housed in this section which will include bundles and the products itself.


Under Security, Liferay policies as well as known vulnerabilities will be located here along with providing LSV downloads and recommended action items.


Lastly, the Support section includes information regarding the Liferay Support coverage, FAQs and other helpful information related to your subscription.


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