Search/Article Tool

Searching is something that has always been a priority for our Subscribers. We wanted to make it efficient as well as a simple process.

After logging into Help Center, you’ll find that there is a search bar front and center of the home page. Our goal is to provide our Subscribers with accessible resources at the tips of their fingers.

For example, when searching with the keyword “clustering,” you’ll find a drop down menu of top article suggestions that the page will provide for you. If you see an article that is related to what you’re looking for, go ahead and click on the link. If not, then continue to search by hitting enter.


The search results page will show you all of the articles with the searched keyword bolded so it’s easier to spot.


After finding the article you’re looking for, there’s a feedback question available for you. It’s a simple yes or no question and it would help tremendously to receive feedback so that we may continue to improve our documentation.


After reading through article and assistance is still needed, please feel free to submit a Help Center Support ticket.

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