Language Coverage

This article describes and provides links for:

  1. Our language / translation coverage documentation
  2. How to customize language keys / translations in your Liferay platform.
  3. How to contribute to languages outside of subscription coverage


1. Language Coverage

For a description of language coverage as well as the list of translations available out of the box, please see Translation and Language Support.

2. Customizing Language Keys

To customize the language keys in your own instance, see the instructions for Overriding Language Keys. This allows you to set custom language keys and provide translations for languages that aren't covered out of the box. 

3. Contributing to Translations that Fall Outside of Subscription Coverage

To contribute to languages that fall outside of subscription coverage, navigate to Here you can check the translation statuses for a number of languages and upon creating a Crowdin account, you may contribute translations for your desired language.


Note: These translations will appear in the next major version of Liferay (e.g. 7.0, 7.1, etc.)


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