Known Issue: Instance Activation Service Disabled When Regenerating LCS Token

This article documents a known issue causing the instance activation service to be disabled by default when an LCS token is regenerated. The issue occurs for LCS tokens that have been created before January 17th 2019.


If LCS Admins regenerate the LCS token with Instance Activation disabled, and proceed to use that token in their Liferay instance, the server will connect to LCS without activating. As a result, the Liferay instance can be unregistered.


Status: Workaround

Before regenerating a token, Instance Activation can be manually enabled by LCS Admins to ensure there is no change in the registration status of the connected Liferay instances.

If a token was unintentionally regenerated with Instance Activation disabled, LCS Admins need to enable this service and regenerate the token again. In the meantime, if the Liferay instances were previously registered, they will enter a 30-day grace period. Brand new installations will be locked until the new token is in use.

Note: Optional Instance Activation is not available for LCS Tokens that have been generated prior to January 17th 2019. These tokens will continue to validate a server's subscription in all cases, regardless of the LCS Client version.


Token Generation Date Instance Activation If Token is Regenerated

Prior to January 17th 2019

Performed in all cases

Instance Activation is disabled by default

On January 17th 2019 or later

LCS Client 4.2 or lower:  Performed in all cases

LCS Client 5.0 or higher: Performed if enabled by LCS Admin

Instance Activation default selection is the same as the existing selection

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