Expired Articles Are Still Showing up in the Live Site After Publishing


If you schedule an article to be expired on a certain date and time, after publishing the article to the live site you may find the article is not expired. There are a few possible reasons for this behavior described with their resolutions below.


Scenario 1: The default check interval for web content is 15 minutes. Please wait for at least 15 minutes after the expiration date and see if the web content is expired. This is because the web content will only be expired when the CheckArticleMessageListener (journal.article.check.interval) was executed.

The default check interval is defined in Control Panel > Configuration > System Settings

  • In 7.0, the value is defined in milliseconds. Please find it in Web Experience > Web Content > Check Interval.
  • In 7.1, the value is defined in minutes. please find it in Content > Web Content > VIRTUAL INSTANCE SCOPE > Web Content > Check Interval

Scenario 2: By default, the Expiration Date is one year later than the Display Date. Please check if the year is set correctly when selecting the expiration date.

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