Creating an Ext Plugin

An Ext plugin is a powerful tool for extending Liferay DXP. Because it increases the complexity of your Liferay DXP installation, you should only use an Ext plugin if you’re sure you can’t accomplish your goal in a different way. You can create Ext plugins using the pre-configured war-core-ext project template/archetype. See the war-core-ext project template article for information on how to create an Ext plugin, its folder structure, and other important details.

It’s recommended to create and develop your Ext plugin in a Liferay Workspace. Workspace is preconfigured with an ext folder, which applies important settings (via the LiferayExtPlugin) to your Ext plugin when it’s deployed to Liferay DXP. You’ll learn more about this in the Set Up the Build Environment section.

Next you’ll learn the anatomy of an Ext plugin.

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