Introduction to Sample Projects

Liferay provides sample projects that target different integration points in Liferay DXP. These projects reside in the liferay-blade-samples Github repository and can be easily copy/pasted to your local environment. You can also generated them using Blade CLI.

The sample projects are grouped into three different parent folders based on the build tools used to generate them:

  • gradle
  • liferay-workspace
  • maven

The provided sample projects are organized by their development toolchains to cater to a variety of developers. Each folder offers the same set of sample Liferay projects. Their only difference is that the build files are specific to their toolchain. For example, the gradle folder contains projects using standard OSS Gradle plugins that can be added to any Gradle composite build. The same concept also applies to the liferay-workspace and maven projects.

The gradle folder also uses the Liferay Gradle plugin (e.g., com.liferay.plugin) which encompasses additional functionality for various types of Liferay projects. The Liferay Gradle plugin is recommended for Gradle users developing for Liferay DXP.

Some samples also come configured with logging to help you fully understand what the sample is accomplishing behind the scenes. For example, OSGi module logging is implemented for several samples (e.g., action-command-portlet, document-action, service-builder/jdbc, etc.), which lets OSGi modules supply their own logging configuration defaults without external configuration. See the Adjusting Module Logging article for more information.

For a list of sample template projects available, visit the Liferay extension points sub-section in the Liferay Blade Samples repository. This list is not comprehensive. A subset of missing extension point samples can be found in the Liferay extension points without template projects sub-section. Visit the repo’s Contribution Guidelines section for details on contributing to this repository.

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