Updating Your Theme's App Server

Follow these steps to update the configuration for your theme’s app server with the Init task. Note that this task only works for themes that use the liferay JS Theme Toolkit, such as those created with the Liferay Theme Generator.

  1. Navigate to your theme’s root folder and run gulp init.

    Figure 1: Run the gulp init task to update your app server configuration.

    Figure 1: Run the `gulp init` task to update your app server configuration.

  2. Enter the updated path to your app server and site.

  3. Your theme’s liferay-theme.json file contains the updated server configuration information:

      "LiferayTheme": {
        "deploymentStrategy": "LocalAppServer",
        "appServerPath": "C:\\Users\\liferay\\opt\\Liferay\\bundles\\liferay-ce-portal-tomcat-7.2.0\\liferay-ce-portal-7.2.0\\tomcat-9.0.10",
        "deployPath": "C:\\Users\\liferay\\opt\\Liferay\\bundles\\liferay-ce-portal-tomcat-7.2.0\\liferay-ce-portal-7.2.0\\deploy",
        "url": "http://localhost:8080",
        "appServerPathPlugin": "C:\\Users\\liferay\\opt\\Liferay\\bundles\\liferay-ce-portal-tomcat-7.2.0\\liferay-ce-portal-7.2.0\\tomcat-9.0.10\\webapps\\my-new72theme-theme",
        "deployed": true,
        "pluginName": "my-new72theme-theme"

Awesome! Now you can deploy your theme to the proper server.

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