Liferay UI Icon Menus

You can add a pop-up navigation menu to your app with the liferay-ui:icon-menu tag. Icon menus display menu options when needed, storing them away in a collapsed menu when they’re not. This keeps the UI clean and uncluttered. Just as with an icon list, you nest icons for each navigation item. You can see an example of a icon menu in a site’s actions menu in the My Sites portlet:

Figure 1: Setting up an icon menu is a piece of cake.

Figure 1: Setting up an icon menu is a piece of cake.

Example JSP configuration:

    icon="<%= StringPool.BLANK %>"
    message="<%= StringPool.BLANK %>"
    showWhenSingleIcon="<%= true %>"

					url="<%= group.getDisplayURL(themeDisplay, false) %>"

					url="<%= leaveURL %>"


Note that the url attribute is required for icons to render properly. See the Icon Menu taglibdocs for the full list of attributes.

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