Item Selector Criterion and Return Types

Liferay DXP contains Item Selector criterion (ItemSelectorCriterion) and return type (ItemSelectorReturnType) classes that developers can use in Item Selectors. The following sections in this document list the available classes:

If there isn’t a criterion or return type for your needs, you can create your own by following the instructions in Creating Custom Criterion and Return Types. For more information on Item Selectors in general, including definitions of criterion and return types, see the Item Selector introduction.

Item Selector Criterion Classes


AssetDisplayPageSelectorCriterion: Asset display page.


BlogsItemSelectorCriterion: Blogs item.

Page Fragments:

FragmentItemSelectorCriterion: Page fragment.

Item Selector:

AudioItemSelectorCriterion: Audio file.

FileItemSelectorCriterion: Document Library file.

ImageItemSelectorCriterion: Image file.

UploadItemSelectorCriterion: Uploadable file.

URLItemSelectorCriterion: URL.

VideoItemSelectorCriterion: Video file.

Journal (Web Content):

JournalItemSelectorCriterion: Web content article.

Knowledge Base:

KBAttachmentItemSelectorCriterion: Knowledge base attachment.


LayoutItemSelectorCriterion: Page layout.


OrganizationItemSelectorCriterion: Organization.


RoleItemSelectorCriterion: Role.

Site Navigation:

SiteNavigationMenuItemItemSelectorCriterion: Site navigation menu item.

SiteNavigationMenuItemSelectorCriterion: Site navigation menu.


SiteItemSelectorCriterion: Site.

User Groups Admin:

UserGroupItemSelectorCriterion: User group.

Users Admin:

UserItemSelectorCriterion: User.


WikiAttachmentItemSelectorCriterion: Wiki attachment.

WikiPageItemSelectorCriterion: Wiki page.

Item Selector Return Type Classes

Adaptive Media:

AMImageFileEntryItemSelectorReturnType: Adaptive Media image file.

AMImageURLItemSelectorReturnType: Adaptive Media image URL.

Item Selector:

Base64ItemSelectorReturnType: The entity’s Base64 encoding as a String.

DownloadURLItemSelectorReturnType: The entity’s download URL as a String.

FileEntryItemSelectorReturnType: File entry information as a JSON object.

URLItemSelectorReturnType: The entity’s URL as a String.

UUIDItemSelectorReturnType: The entity’s universally unique identifier (UUID) as a String.


SiteItemSelectorReturnType: The Site’s information as a JSON object.


WikiPageTitleItemSelectorReturnType: The wiki page’s title.

WikiPageURLItemSelectorReturnType: The wiki page’s URL.

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